Living Among Intelligent Machines

Advances in machine learning have brought Artificial Intelligence into the public eye. Companies and governments are racing to invest in infrastructure and talent. The Economist has proclaimed that “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”. Even Russian president Vladimir Putin has recently said that the nation that leads in AI will be “the ruler of the world”.

As AI makes the leap from the cloud into our homes, workplace, and public spaces, everyone wants to know: What will our future look like, living amongst intelligent machines?

On Monday, November 6, a diverse set of experts, all working in various facets of AI, will converge on Guelph to discuss, debate, and explore our future during the second annual Derry Dialogue. Our panel will include one of the few economists focused on AI, a Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce law, a roboethicist, a researcher who studies the social implications of technology, and a member of the newly formed Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

The Derry Dialogues

Made possible by the vision and support of Margaret and Douglas Derry, embody the idea and values of interdisciplinary approaches to the big issues of our time. The speakers in this annual series reflect the values of the University of Guelph and are engaged in holistic, rigorous, and interdisciplinary engagement as much in the public arena as in the academy.

Panel Members