Improvisation For Social Change

The pressing and complex problems of this age require creative and innovative solutions. Our success in responding to the problems we face depends on our ability to improvise, to adapt to the situations in which we find ourselves, to use the resources at hand to make right things transpire. At a time when diverse peoples and communities of interest struggle to forge historically new forms of affiliation across cultural and other divides, the participatory and civic virtues of engagement, dialogue, respect, and community-building inculcated through improvisational practices take on a particular urgency. On Thursday October 25th, a diverse set of experts—including an award-winning actress and activist, professors of improvisation, a community engaged scholar and facilitator, and members of a local improv education centre— will gather together to share inspiring stories of the power of improvisation for effective and lasting social change.

The Derry Dialogues

Made possible by the vision and support of Margaret and Douglas Derry, embody the idea and values of interdisciplinary approaches to the big issues of our time. The speakers in this annual series reflect the values of the University of Guelph and are engaged in holistic, rigorous, and interdisciplinary engagement as much in the public arena as in the academy.

Panel Members