Education Advisory Board (EAB)

Project Requests

Submission Deadline: On-going

The Educational Advisory Board (EAB) is dedicated to connecting higher learning administrators with access to best practice research and implementation support focused on improving student success, academic resource allocation, growth strategy and program innovation.

What can EAB do for you?

The University of Guelph holds a subscription with the Educational Advisory Board (EAB) through which we have access to research conducted by EAB on a variety of issues impacting higher education.

EAB has expertise in Academic Affairs and Research, Advancement, Business Administration and IT Services, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs, Student Success, Community Colleges, University Systems. As a member you have access to their research forums related to these and other areas. EAB’s online resources include: studies and white papers, tools, upcoming and archived webconferences.

EAB will also conduct research on behalf of the University. Senior administrators are invited to submit project requests throughout the year. Project requests will be completed one at a time in priority sequence.

Examples of Past EAB Projects

  • Promoting Timely Degree Completion
  • Integrating Academic and Career Development
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • Transforming the First-Generation College Student Experience
  • Supporting International Students on Campus
  • Community Engaged Learning Offices
Note: To view these and other studies conducted by EAB you will need to create an account by following these instructions.

Services Offered by EAB

  • Ask EAB: This is similar to EAB’s original resource mapping, but will typically be a deeper dive on a specific question where they not only pull together relevant resources, but may also provide additional context or direction as to helpful insights from these resources.
  • Access to EAB Experts: This can take various forms. EAB recommends it as a way to drill in further on certain questions or practices of interest. For example, as you have key people or taskforces coming together to address a topic EAB might consider having one of their research experts who has worked around the topic join a team meeting to talk through a specific set of questions or a best practice profiled in one of the resources we sent.
  • Strategic Leader: Brett Schenkel, Strategic Leader, Member Success is the University of Guelph’s Strategic Leader, at EAB. As our Strategic Leader  he is responsible for helping University of Guelph members navigate all of the resources and services available to them through their EAB memberships. Please reach out to him with any questions!

Submit a Project Request

Senior administrators wishing to submit a project request may do so by emailing the University’s dedicated EAB Strategic Leader Brett Schenkel and carbon copying Joanne Emeneau in the AVPA’s Office.

Contact Information

Brett Schenkel
Strategic Leader, Member Success, EAB
(202) 266-6561

Joanne Emeneau
Curriculum Manager, University of Guelph
(519) 824-4120 Ext. 52260