Questions for Reviewing LO's

In order to effectively inform curriculum processes and decisions, learning outcomes should be both developed and reviewed collectively by curriculum committees, instructors and students.  Learning outcomes should become part of a living curriculum, where a process of continuous review and improvement is supported. The following questions can help to guide the process for reviewing learning outcomes:

1.     Do they accurately describe what a graduate should know, value and be able to do?  Do they describe adequately the unique strengths that a graduate of the program should possess? Are there any specific statements that should be added, consolidated and/or removed?

2.     Do the action verbs adequately convey an appropriate level of understanding for each learning outcome?

3.     Are the learning outcome statements concise and specific?  Could they be understood by multiple audiences (e.g. students, instructors, employers, administrators, across institutions)?

4.      Are they reflective of the discipline? Would the discipline be clear if the statement were read in isolation? If not, what additional detail could be added to provide additional disciplinary context?

5.     Are they specific, observable and measurable qualities? Could you appropriately assess each outcome? If not, how should they be revised? What additional detail/context is required?