Student Surveys

Students and recent alumni provide an invaluable source of feedback during curriculum review processes. The following set of questions has been designed to gather student feedback regarding the quality of their learning experiences. The questions are designed to gather:

  • general information related to their areas of study, and how they hope to use their degree;
  • information broadly on the quality of teaching within the curriculum;
  • general feedback related to the quality of academic advising, faculty approachability and course availability;
  • feedback on high impact learning experiences in the curriculum, which contribute positively to their learning outcomes;
  • feedback on the overall delivery of the curriculum within their major.
  • feedback related to learning outcomes. This assessment could be included at an institutional, program and/or at the level of the major;
  • feedback on their overall level of satisfaction, as well as to get some input as to the strengths and weaknesses of the program. 

To provide an example of the layout and format, we have created the below questionnaires. These questions should be modified to meet the specific objectives established for each curriculum review project.

Example Student Questionnaire PDF Download

Example Alumni Questionnaire PDF Download