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Peer Observation of Teaching for Tenure & Promotion

Assessment of Teaching: Student Feedback Questionnaires and Peer Observation Forms

Per LOU 23: Assessment of Teaching in the UGFA Collective Agreement, faculty members have the option of including in their T&P Assessment File for each year of the review period:

  • Results of Student Feedback Questionnaires (SFQs) for all courses taught within the year, and/or,
  • A completed and formalized In-class Peer Observation of Teaching (IPOT) Form

Note: Per LOU 13: COVID-19 Continuing Commitments, faculty have the option to exclude SFQs and IPOT forms from Assessment Files for the Winter 2020 – Winter 2022 semesters (inclusive).

Student Feedback Questionnaires

SFQs will be conducted for:

  • Faculty members who have not requested an IPOT near the beginning of the semester, or,
  • Faculty members who have requested, but not submitted, an IPOT prior to SFQs being done

SFQs must be submitted for T&P excepting those who submit IPOT forms (see process below).

In-Class Peer Observation of Teaching (IPOT) Process

Faculty planning to request an IPOT should review the process articulated in LOU 23, paragraphs 17-41. One IPOT must be submitted for each year of the review period. The process includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Faculty Members:

  • Submit to the Dean a list of six (6) potential Peer Observers at the beginning of the semester
  • Choose the course and lecture that the Peer Observer will visit
  • Schedule and meet with the Peer Observer for pre- and post-assessment meetings
  • Receive the completed IPOT form
  • Submit a formalized IPOT to Assessment File two (2) weeks prior to the end of the review period
    • If the IPOT has not been submitted prior to SFQs being done, SFQs will be conducted
    • If the IPOT is submitted after SFQs are done but at least two weeks prior to the end of the semester, SFQs need not be submitted


  • Select one of the submitted Peer Observers. Notify the Member and Observer.
    • Observers must have been assessed as being “Good” or better in Teaching in the most recent biennial review.


  • Meet with the Member for pre- and post-observation meetings
  • Conduct In-class Peer Observation and submit the signed form to the member.
  • Delete any copies of the IPOT form,  and where applicable, any optional pre- and post-meeting resources or notes.
  • Conduct an additional In-class Peer Observation at the request of the Member, should the Member not want the original In-class Peer Observation Form included in their Assessment File.


In-Class Peer Observation of Teaching forms are available.

There is one mandatory form to guide the In-class Peer Observation process:

  1. The In-Class Peer Observation Form (fillable, lockable PDF form) is required to be completed by the Peer Observer during the observed class and will be included in the faculty member’s assessment package.

The Office of Teaching and Learning has developed three additional optional resources to support the Peer Observation process:

  1. Pre-Observation Meeting Resource: This optional resource offers suggestions and discussion prompts for the pre-observation meeting between the Faculty Member and the Peer Observer.
  2. Post-Observation Meeting Resource: This optional resource offers suggestions and discussion prompts for the post-observation meeting between the Faculty Member and the Peer Observer.
  3. Selecting a Peer Observer: Resource for Faculty Members and Deans: This optional resource offers suggestions and best practices for consideration when identifying and selecting Peer Observers.