Task Force on Academic Integrity

In Fall 2023, the Associate Vice-President Academic launched a Task Force on Academic Integrity to conduct a full review of academic integrity policies and practices at the University of Guelph. The Task Force, and its working groups, will be conducting outreach and consultation with campus collaborators, faculty, staff, and students during the 2023-2024 academic year. Regular updates on the progress of the Academic Integrity Task Force will be provided to Senate. Upon completion of a renewed Academic Integrity Policy, the Task Force will bring the policy to BGS, BUGS, and Senate.

The objectives of the Task Force on Academic Integrity include:

  1. Draft a renewed Academic Integrity Policy to replace the current Academic Misconduct Policy.
  2. Provide clear recommendations, and associated timelines, for the review and revision of related policies and procedures necessary to ensure the University maintains a holistic approach to academic integrity for all learners across all campuses, including learners in Open Learning & Educational Support.
  3. Develop an academic integrity “toolkit” to support instructors in educating students about academic integrity and supporting students whose conduct raises concerns about academic integrity.
  4. Renew the University’s academic integrity website (https://academicintegrity.uoguelph.ca/). Develop and implement a plan to better leverage the website as a home for the toolkit and other academic integrity resources, tools, and information on leading practices.
  5. Review the staffing, resource, and information technology approaches used by other comparator institutions to support academic integrity conduct and education work. Make recommendations relative to changes to the staffing, resource, and information technology approaches used at the University of Guelph that are attainable within the next 5-7 years.
  6. Ensure that appropriate consultation is undertaken in support of the objectives of the taskforce, including consultation with offices responsible for the Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct and the Responsible Conduct of Research Policy.
Task Force on Academic Integrity Membership
  • Byron Sheldrick, Associate Vice-President (Academic)
Associate Deans
  • Paula Barata, Associate Dean (Academic), College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
  • George Bragues, Associate Vice-Provost (Academic), University of Guelph-Humber
  • Karl Cottenie, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)
  • Jade Ferguson, Associate Dean (Academic Equity and Anti-Racism)
  • Karen Gordon, Associate Dean (Academic), College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Sarah Beaubien, Associate University Librarian (Academic)
  • Lisa Duizer, Chair, Department of Food Science
  • Brian Husband, Department of Integrative Biology
  • Steph Howells, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Soha Eid Moussa, School of Engineering
  • Thomas Sasso, Department of Management
  • Hugh Clark, Bachelor of Commerce Program Counsellor
  • Junpyo (Jun) Lee, CSA VP Academic
  • Nabhan Refaie, GSA President
  • Dev Shah, Undergraduate Student
Staffing Support
  • Ted Cogan, Judicial Officer, Deputy University Secretary
  • Clarke Mathany, Interim Director, Academic Programs and Policy
Administrative Support
  • Stefani Atilola, Executive Assistant, Office of the Associate Vice-President Academic

To connect with the Task Force on Academic Integrity, please email avpa@uoguelph.ca.