The Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies) is responsible for the content and administration of all graduate programs. The Assistant Vice President Graduate Studies oversees the Office of Graduate Studies and all aspects of graduate education in the more than ninety graduate programs offered at the University of Guelph, providing the necessary leadership to enable the University to achieve the highest possible standards in graduate studies. The Assistant Vice President Graduate Studies provides strategic leadership in the development of graduate programs and is responsible for ensuring implementation of the policies and directions determined by the Board of Graduate Studies, the management and awarding of graduate scholarships, enhancement of support to faculty, staff and students, academic advising and counselling, and  advocating for graduate studies as the Chair of Graduate Studies Council.  The Assistant Vice President Graduate Studies is also responsible for submitting faculty recommendations of degree candidates to Senate who have satisfied the minimum degree requirements. Other areas of responsibility include the promotion of graduate programs, both nationally and internationally and liaising with other academic institutions, the Council of Ontario Universities, the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies, the (US) Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools and the (US) Council of Graduate Studies on issues relating to graduate programs and studies.