Fellowship Recipients

Study and Development Fellowships for Sessional Lecturers 2018-2019

The Associate Vice President (Academic) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018-2019
Study and Development Fellowships.

This program, established by the Provost, in consultation with CUPE 3913 (the Union which represents Sessional Lecturers), enables long-service Sessional Lecturers to maintain and enhance their quality as scholars. 

We would like to congratulate the 2018-2019 Fellowship awardees:

  • Linda Chiasson, Marketing & Consumer Studies, will be engaged in a Course redesign to include current business scenarios that raise legal issues and update materials relevant to various “real life” business scenarios (F18)
  • Anna Cox, School of Fine Arts and Music. Topic: Outta Sight: Considering the cultural intersections and consequences of popular photography (Anna will produce a Podcast and participate in a week-long workshop) (F18)
  • Nanita Mohan, Political Science. Topic: “The Blended Course Offering: An Interdisciplinary and Multi-Formatted Approach to Course Development” (F18)
  • Jeffrey Oleary, Marketing & Consumer Studies. Topic: The Transition from Sustaining to Disruptive Technologies: An Industry Assessment (collection of case studies) (W19)
  • Deidre Rose, Sociology and Anthropology, will finish a book, The Sessional Trap: Notes from the Continuously Contingent (S19)
  • Ted Warren, School of Fine Arts and Music, will engage in the study of improvisation/harmony/chords and scales with 5 experts in the field (F18)

Through the 2018-2019 academic year, Study/Development Fellowships recipients will be engaged in a range of exciting scholarly activities which will enhance excellence through their subsequent contributions to the teaching programs.

For further information on the Study and Development Fellowship program, contact:
Faculty and Academic Staff Relations at fellows@uoguelph.ca   

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