In Winter 2003, First-Year Seminars were piloted in the Bachelor of Arts and Science program. The program was intended to offer a new approach to the challenge of accelerating and enhancing new students’ transition into the university. As a result of the successful pilot program, which garnered enthusiastic feedback from faculty and students alike, the program was expanded to encompass all first-year students, from every program and discipline across campus.

The First-Year Seminars Program offers a number of small, engaging, research-intensive, learner-centred courses, intended to break down the barriers between high school and university, student and faculty, ambition and achievement. The seminars offer faculty the opportunity to re-think their teaching, to explore new, creative and often unconventional or experimental courses, around topics that are personally interesting or intriguing, in the context of the energy and dynamism of a small and enthusiastic group of students. Seminars offer students the opportunity to experience research in action and in application, to engage more directly with issues and ideas, and to develop skills of analysis and communication that will augment their learning throughout their time at Guelph and beyond.

FYS proposals require approval of the department chair and are assessed by a committee of faculty members who have taught in the FYS program.

Watch for the Call for Proposals; plan to attend the information meeting. Contact the Director if you have questions or would like to float an idea. But most importantly, think about how you can contribute to high impact education for our first-year students.