Q: How is a FYS course different from other courses?
The courses are highly interactive, taught by professors who have a passion for what they are teaching, and devoted to active learning.

Q: How many students are in each course?
Enrolment for each First Year Seminar is capped at 18. This helps make it a very interactive class, and makes it easier for a student to get know the professor.

Q: I am a second year student, and didn't manage to enroll in a FYS last year. Can I enroll in one now?
Unfortunately not. The program is only for first year students.

Q: Who teaches First Year Seminars?
A variety of instructors teach them, including the President and other senior academics along with faculty from every college of the university. Several professors who teach First Year Seminars have won awards for their teaching.

Q: What are the advantages to enrolling in a First Year Seminar course?
A: Students say that they feel "more connected" to their professor and are more able to approach their professor for guidance and advice.

Students also report that their reading and writing skills improve with the personalized feedback from the professor that such small classes allow.

Students also hear first hand about cutting edge theory and research in an institution that is renowned for being research intensive and learner-centred.

Q: How does it count in my program?
Talk to your Program Counsellor to ensure you get the proper credit towards your degree program. You should also ensure that the First Year Seminar course you select does not conflict with any of your required courses.

Q: Are there pre-requisites to take before I enroll in a FYS?
No - there are no pre-requisites for any First Year Seminar.