Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, First Year Seminars have been suspended for F23-W24





How many First Year Seminars can I take? You can only take one and only in your first year. Sorry, First Year Seminars are really popular!

Why should I register for a FYS? FYSs can help you transition from high school to university. As a small discussion-based course in a welcoming environment, you will get to know your instructor and the other students from across the university. You will have a fun leaning opportunity and you will develop valuable skills like communication and critical thinking.

How do I register for a First Year Seminar? You register for an FYS the same way you register for your other courses (on WebAdvisor). The course code is UNIV*1200.

How is a First Year Seminar counted in my degree program? An FYS counts as a free elective. For further details, please contact your program counsellor.

Who is eligible to take a First Year Seminar? Any first-year student (fewer than 5.0 credits) who has a free elective in their first year.