Frequently Asked Questions

What is a First Year Seminar?
A First Year Seminar (FYS) is a course that you take in the Fall or Winter semester of your first year. It counts as an elective. The maximum enrolment in an FYS is eighteen students. First year seminars emphasize inquiry, collaboration, and experiential learning. There are no final exams.

How many First Year Seminars can I take?
You can only take one. Sorry, First Year Seminars are really popular!

Why should I enrol?
It’s really cool getting to know a professor in your first year. You will get one-on-one attention and detailed constructive feedback from your professor. Your FYS professor will help to set you up for success in university. You will also have a great opportunity to make friends who share a common interest.

How do I sign up for a First Year Seminar?
You sign up for an FYS the same way you sign up for your other courses (on WebAdvisor). The course code is UNIV*1200.

How is a First Year Seminar counted in my degree program?
According to the calendar, an FYS counts as a free elective. For further details, please see your program counsellor.

Who is eligible to take a First Year Seminar?
Any first year student (fewer than 5.0 credits) who has a free elective in his or her first year.