Student Experience


Please note, First Year Seminars have been suspended for F23-W24





Are You Looking For:

​A first year elective?
A small class environment?
An interactive class with no exams?
An interesting topic that spans disciplines?
An opportunity to get to know an instructor?
An opportunity to get to know fellow students?
A course that helps with the transition from high school?
An instructor who is passionate about the subject matter?


If you are, then a First Year Seminar is FOR YOU!

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Here’s what some students have said about their seminar experience:

  • “I got to know other students and I was able to meet new people”
  • “I made my first friend in my FYS class”
  • “Open-ended, in-depth, flexible style”
  • “The topics were engaging and centered toward what students wan to know”
  • “It made me feel less isolated”
  • “I got to have one on one time with the prof”
  • “I liked the small class size and more one on one”
  • “It helped with communication, like how to talk to my professor ... and it helped me gain confidence in presenting and listening to others”


What do you learn in a FYS?

As with any UOG course you take, you will have opportunities to develop and demonstrate undergraduate learning outcomes including:

  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Find and assess information
  • Global understanding
  • Communicating successfully in a variety of formats including oral, written & visual
  • Professional and ethical behaviour

Learning Outcomes




What students liked about their FYS:


Students explain what a FYS is like:


 For more videos made by students click HERE.