A Student's Perspective: Carly



Name: Carly Holmstead

Program: English major with a minor in Family Studies

Year: 3rd

What seminar did you take and what was it about?

Culture of Stupidity - we had the opportunity to talk about current day issues as well as modern TV and movies in comparison to the past. My professor also took a few classes to teach us how to properly use grammar in our writing as well as how to formulate a paper, as the standards are a little different in university. 

How did it change the way you think?

The class really brought me out of my comfort zone and gave me a voice I did not know I had. It gave me knowledge about myself and my interests that I did not know before. The class allowed me to have a detailed view of the world and the classes I am taking in university and allowed me to think deeper and in ways I would not have before.  

What were your favourite aspects of the seminar?

My favourite part of the seminar was being able to discuss everything. I loved that my peers became my friends in the class and I felt like I was having a group discussion with my friends. I also loved the one-on-one attention I received from the professor, to this day I admire her as a professor and am so thankful for what she taught me. 

How do you think it will help shape the rest of your university career?

It totally brought me out of my comfort zone, allowed me to make connections with friends and the professor I never would have made without the class. I have been involved in so many amazing opportunities because of the lessons this class taught me. I overall am taking more out of my university career by properly participating in classes, the class brought me out of my shell right away when I came to university

Anything else to add?

I would highly recommend the first year seminar program to all incoming freshmen. It’s a class you won't get to experience any other time and the connections you will make from the class will shape the rest of your university career.