The new Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system is now available! The CIM system is a new suite of tools for the academic community to use when drafting and submitting curriculum proposals for additions, changes or deletions to courses and programs. It supports the governance and implementation processes, including approvals, automated workflows and the integration and syncrohonization with the University's Academic Calendars. We invite you to get started!

For more information, view the Curriculum Inventory Management System page or join the MS Teams Site.

Office of Quality Assurance

The Office of Quality Assurance, along with the Associate Vice-President Academic (AVPA), oversees the curriculum development and change processes for the University’s undergraduate degree and diploma programs and the cyclical review of graduate and undergraduate academic programs.

Aligned with the University’s strategic framework and in support of the academic mission of the University’s colleges, schools and departments, we provide leadership and consultation on curriculum change and renewal; quality assurance and accountability for new undergraduate programs; advice on academic policy; and support strategic enrolment management. Working closely with the Board of Undergraduate Studies and the Senate Committee for Quality Assurance, we manage the annual curriculum change process and manage cyclical and external review of all graduate and undergraduate programs. We liaise with internal and external stakeholders, including the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance. The team also manages special projects within the Office of the AVPA.

We are committed to service excellence, to innovative teaching and learning and support the goals of equity, diversity and inclusion in our curriculum.