Tapping into the Power of Appreciation and Recognition

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For Faculty and Staff

Appreciation, recognition, and gratitude are a remarkably strong source of energy that we all possess. When we can tap into that powerful source of energy it can have a deep, positive effect on our work relationships and successful outcomes. In this session we will explore the science behind the impact of appreciation, recognition, and gratitude, what makes it such a dynamic force and the specific ways you can integrate these energy sources into your day.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • Describe the difference between appreciation, recognition, and gratitude and why it is essential to know the difference
  • Explain the rewarding appeal of a focus on appreciation and recognition
  • Recognize the positive performance and health impacts of appreciation
  • Summarize the most effective appreciation and recognition actions that can make a real difference
  • Identify opportunities for personal expressions of gratitude and explain the benefits
  • Become aware of UofG’s Appreciation and Recognition Initiative and relate core elements to others and the benefits to them personally and to the University overall

“This session was extremely helpful and gave me tools to use in my own life."

“This is a very important topic that if done incorrectly or insincerely can often have the opposite of the intended result. In this session you will learn strategies to make the most of the benefits, both personally and team oriented, to improve morale and motivation of your colleagues. I have expressed gratitude to all of my colleagues and am motivated to not overdue it and water down its effectiveness.”

Facilitator: Sarah Schoeffel, Wellness@Work Advisor, HR

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