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Last updated 16/Apr/13

General interest topics

  • How to read your UG cheque
  • Maximize your chance to get a GTA
  • Parables for Modern Academia (Deborah & Loren Haarsma)
  • Advice for PhD students from Tony Hoare (video and transcript)
  • Advice on Completing your PhD (Tomorow's Professor)
  • Peer Support for Ph.D. Students (Tomorrow's Professor)
  • The Graduate Junction, "the first website to bring together Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral researchers from any discipline around the globe. It aims to provide an easy way to meet and communicate with others who share common research interests in a global multi-disciplinary environment."
  • Grad funding via industry/academic partnerships:
  • ACCELERATE Ontario, grad interns in industry, operated by...
  • MITACS, national research network
  • Tips for your thesis defence
  • Public speaking tips from Toastmasters
  • 10 Ways to Tweak Your Tech Résumé (eweek, 30/Jun/06)
  • Research techniques

  • John Carter's tips for doing the dreaded literature survey, whether for a survey paper, a conference paper or journal article, or for your thesis. Lots of practical how-to's from a current local PhD student in computer science.
  • Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through the Information Fog (William Badke): Free online book containing a general introduction and specific techniques that apply to the background and literature review portion of your thesis.
  • UG-specific help from our university library:
  • Look at Find Resources and Conduct Your Research .
  • Subject & Course Guides will take you to discipline-specific resources. See Computing & Info Science to find journal indexes, style guides, and more.
  • Online Tutorials teach how to use electronic and print resources.
  • Technical writing

  • Bibliographic tools <-- essential for my students
  • Avoiding plagiarism (from our Faculty of Grad Studies); has good examples of paraphrasing
  • Literal and Intelligent Plagiarism: Students Beware! (Kumar): "you are putting all the authors in the manuscript at risk ... severely damage your reputation and that of the co-authors"
  • What makes a thesis different from a project?
  • Tips on How to Write a Thesis: See Chapter 19 in the Grad Handbook for the UBC Computer Science Dept.
  • How to write your abstract (models)
  • Aiming for Excellence in the Dissertation (Lovitts & Wert)
  • Applying the scientific method to your thesis
  • Writing services hosted by the Learning Commons in the library, including workshops, individual consultations, drop-in sessions, specialized ESL courses, and Conversation Partners program
  • Frequently Committed Errors in technical writing
  • How to Avoid Colloquial (Informal) Writing
  • No Pardon for Poor English in Science (Sam Jaffe)
  • [coming] Thesis templates
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