GEOL*1000 (with laboratory); GEOL*1100



1. Logistics, marking scheme


Preliminary Statement: "Man is beginning to inhabit a pretty small and overcrowded spaceship, destination unknown, and the possibility that he may ruin it and himself in the process is by no means negligible" - Kenneth Boulding,  Economist, 1965.


Objectives of Course:

(1) To present a brief review of topics dealing with  the planet Earth; (2) To introduce some of the modern hypotheses on the  formation of the Earth crust; (3) To analyze briefly selected geologic processes; (4) To introduce examples and discuss the impact of  human activities on the environments of the Earth.


Methods of Study: The objectives of the course will be achieved through: Discussions (class) and electronic conferences, computer based self-learning, self testing, and quizzes (GEOVITAL).


Textbooks: Tarbuck, E.S. and Lutgens, F.K.  The Earth, (Latest edition).  Prentice Hall.

                   GEOVITAL computer modules (Content, self test, quizzes. These modules also contain most lecture overheads).


Method of evaluation: Laboratory, Mid Term and Final examinations are required.



A.    Laboratory = 30%  (only for people taking GEO*1000).

B.    Lectures:   The following is just a proposal.  Each student may select to be marked according to option 1 or 2. 

The lecture marks will account for 70% for GEO*100 and 100% for GEO1100.


                                                            OPTION 1                OPTION 2

Mid-Term                                            25%                             25%

4 Vital Quizzes (Q)

            (5% for 10  correct

            answers quiz; 4% for

             8 correct answers)                   20% Max.                    20% Max.

Project Report (P)                                10%                    

Final Examination (F)                            45 + (20-Q)                 55 + (20-Q)

            (Consisting of both  practical and theoretical  parts)


2. List of lectures/seminars and laboratories  


WEEK              LECTURE                  LABORATORY

1.   Introduction

2.   Earth origin & structure                   1.    Topographic maps

3.   Mineralogy                                     2.    Minerals I

4-5. Igneous rocks                               3.    Minerals II

6.   Igneous rocks                                 4-5   Igneous rocks

7-8. Weathering & glacial geology        6.    Lab Mid-term I

9.   Sediments                                       7-8.  Sediments and rocks

10.   Paleontology                                 9.    Fossils

11.   Stratigraphy & Metamorphism      10.   Metamorphic rocks

12.   Structural geology                         11.   Geologic maps

13.   Evolution of North America          12.   Lab Mid-term II

(One Saturday field trip will be scheduled for the whole class)


List of lectures:


1    LECTURE 1:  Introduction, definition, questions of Geology, branches of Geology, organization of course, marking scheme, textbooks

                        EARTH:  (VITAL:  Earth Origin; Earth Structure)

                                    I Lab (46-100) Topographic Maps


 2   LECTURE 2:  Heat and earth; work done by the engine earth; continental drift.      

      LECTURE 3:  Continental drift, rock cycle, summary  

      LECTURE 4:  The Earth as a whole:  internal structure                                                        

            MINERALS:  (VITAL:  Mineralogy)                

                                    II Lab (46-100) Minerals I   


 3   LECTURE 5:  Internal structure of the Earth                                                                           

      LECTURE 6: Origin at Earth & Solar systems    

      LECTURE 7: Introduction to minerals. Types of chemical bonds:  ionic, covalent, coordination number

            VITAL:  QUIZ A                                                    

                                    III Lab (46-100) Minerals II   


 4   LECTURE 8:  Coordination number, silicate structure

      LECTURE 9:  Silicate structure, Bowen's reaction series

      LECTURE 10: Silicate structure, Bowen's reaction series; Introduction to igneous rocks, classification; Parent magmas

                    FILM:  Excerpts from Cashing in on the ocean       

                    VOLCANISM:  (VITAL: Igneous rocks)                              

                                    IV Lab (46-100) Igneous Rocks I    


 5   LECTURE 11:  Volcanism      

      LECTURE 12:  Volcanism       

                   FILM:  Excerpts from documentaries

      LECTURE 13:  Volcanism                             

                   FILM:  An Anthology of Hawaiian Volcanoes

                                   V Lab (46-100) Igneous Rocks II 


 6    LECTURE 14:  Geysers  

                    FILM:  Volcano Surtsey             

       LECTURE 15:  Plutonic Rocks                

                    FILM:  Rocks that originate underground

       LECTURE 16:  Weathering                                    

            WEATHERING AND GLACIERS (VITAL: Weathering, Glacial Geology)

                              VI Lab (46-100) MIDTERM I  


 7    LECTURE 17:  Thanksgiving

       LECTURE 18:  Sedimentary rocks; glaciers     

       LECTURE 19:  Glaciers                          

            RIVERS AND SEAS:  (VITAL:  Sedimentology)

                VITAL:  QUIZ B   

                                    VII Lab (46-100) Sediments


 8   LECTURE 20:  Glaciers and transport by water

                   FILM: Glaciation                        

      LECTURE 21:  Transport by water and properties that  rocks achieve during transport  

                   FILM:  Rocks that form at the Earth surface       

       LECTURE 22: MID-TERM (Multiple choice questions)

                                    VIII Lab (46-100) Sedimentary rocks


 9   LECTURE 23:  River environments         

      LECTURE 24:  River and deltaic environments

      LECTURE 25:  Marine environments      

                    FILM:  Beach; A River of Sand

            FOSSILS:  (VITAL:  Paleontology, Stratigraphy)  

                                         X Lab (46-100) Fossils 


10  LECTURE 26:  Reefs and carbonate environments

      LECTURE 27:  Fossils, evolution          

      LECTURE 28:  Fossils, dating and correlation

            METAMORPHISM:  (VITAL:  Structural Geology, Metamorphism) 

            VITAL:  QUIZ C                                                                                                                           

                                    X Lab (46-100) Metamorphic rocks


11  LECTURE 29:  Stratigraphic principles  

      LECTURE 30:  Absolute dating of rocks  

      LECTURE 31:  Metamorphism                 

            THE MOUNTAINS:  (VITAL:  Structural Geology)   

                                    XI Lab (46-100) Geological Maps


12  LECTURE 32:  Metamorphism, introduction to Structural Geology

      LECTURE 33:  Structural Geology                            

      LECTURE 34:  Evolution of Mountain chains I         

            NORTH AMERICA:  (VITAL:  History of North America Geology)

            VITAL:  QUIZ D                                                   

                                    XII Lab (46-100) Mid-Term   

13  LECTURE 35:  Evolution of Mountain chains II

      LECTURE 36:  Evolution of North America I  

      LECTURE 37:  Evolution of North America II 

14  LECTURE 38:  Review