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Research Interests


         Main fields: Sedimentology, Glacial Geology

         Other fields: Fossil Fuels, Geomorphology, Paleosols

         Current research:

o        Sedimentology of Quaternary and ancient cold climate sediments (glacial and nonglacial):

- Glaciofluvial and glaciolacustrine deposits of southern Great Lakes, Canada

- Coarse-grained beach deposits of lower Great Lakes, Canada

- Coastal (beach ridges and tidal flats) and fluvial geomorphology and sediments of subarctic and arctic regions of Canada: Foxe Basin, Hudson Bay, and James Bay  

- Comparative analysis of the cold-climate peatland basins of Hudson Bay Lowland (Canada) and Western Siberian Plain (Russia)

- Comparative analysis of the modern, cold-climate peatland basins of Canada and the Permian--Carboniferous cold-climate coal measures of the southern hemisphere

o        Sedimentation in extensional--transtensional basins, Northern Apennines (Italy) and Galicia (Spain)

o        Landscape evolution and Landuse of Coastal Zone, Hainan Island, China


Lifetime Research Projects