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What is the Handbook?

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Important Gastrointestinal Parasites
Lifecycle of a GIN Parasite
Epidemiology of GIN Parasites
Arrow Diagnosing GIN Infections
Arrow Anthelmintics for Sheep and Goats
Arrow GIN and Treatment Failure
Arrow Sustainable Integrated Parasite Management
Arrow Other Internal Parasites
Coccidiosis of Lambs and Kids
Dog Tapeworms that Affect Sheep and Goats
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The intent of this handbook is to inform producers, veterinarians and extension personnel regarding some of the basics of controlling internal parasites that affect sheep and goats in Canada.  It is not meant to replace the unique relationship between the flock veterinarian and the producer and his / her flock, but only to augment the information available to them.

The handbook was written and assembled by researchers at the University of Guelph, extension veterinarians and has been promoted and supported by the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency.  As the handbook is too large to download as a single pdf, we have divided it into sections and saved each section as a pdf which you can download and save. If you wish to order a printed copy of the handbook, they are for sale through OSMA.

5 Star Worm Plan

Team Members


Dr. Andrew Peregrine - Dept Pathobiology
Drs Paula Menzies, David Kelton, Andria Jones -Dept Population Medicine
Graduate Student: Dr. Laura Falzon, Dept Population Medicine.
Drs. Silvina Fernandez, Krishna Shakya, Jacob Avula
Graduate Students: Dr. America Mederos, Alessia Guthrie

OACC Ralph Martin, Director - Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada
UPEI Dr. John VanLeeuwen - Atlantic Veterinary College
CEPOQ Dr. Francoise Corriveau (Former)
Dr. Ann LeBoef (now with MAPAQ)

Dr. Jocelyn Jansen, Veterinary Services
Anita O'Brien, OMAFRA

Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency
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