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WiSE is having Elections for next year! Voting will take place at our semesters end meeting next Wednesday, April 1st at 6pm. A description of all of the Executive positions can be found on the left menu bar. If you are interested in running for a position then please come out to the meeting and tell us why you're the best candidate for the position. If you can't make this meeting then please email us your application for the position(s) you are interested in to WiSE at wise@uoguelph.ca by Wednesday afternoon at 4pm (April 1st). If you have any questions please email Jen at wise@uoguelph.ca. If you know someone that you think would be a good candidate then please spread the word!

Did you know...

  • Only 34% of the students in the College of Physical and Engineering Science (CPES) are female
  • Bachelor of Computing has the lowest ratio with only 11% female students
  • Environmental Science has the highest female enrollment, and is still only at 56%

Upcoming Events

Pictionary Round 2
When: To be determined, drop by anytime
Where: THRN Engineering Lounge
Why: Awesome fun & PRIZERS for everyone!

Semesters End MEETING
When: Next Wednesday, April 1st
Time: 6pm
Location: TBA
Why: We need you to come out and help us vote in the new Executive for next year! There will also be an appreciation portion of this meeting to thank the people that helped make this year possible. Dinner will be provided. We will also have a discussion time to get your feedback about how to improve our events and ideas for next year.

Outreach Event with CAGIS
Event Title: Oil Spills
Date: Sunday, April 19
Time: 2 pm to 3:30pm
Location: Thrn. Rm 1103 (Round table room)
Why: We are looking for volunteers that would be interested in helping out with this activity. If you are interested then please send a reply email to wise@uoguelph.ca and more information about the event will be sent to you.
Details: Environmental issues are a growing problem today as we continue to create new negative impacts on our natural environment which professionals such as engineers look to resolve every day. In this hands-on activity where students build a structure to clean up a mock oil spill, we will look at the impacts of oil spills on aquatic habitats and ways in which oil spills can be cleaned up and prevented.


To get info on future events and how to get involved, join our mailing list! Email wise@uoguelph.ca with a message asking to be put on the list.