Changing Lives Improving Life
November 17-18, 2012 | University of Guelph

Past Scenarios & Contest Rules


  • Dairy—Free-Stall Facility vs. Pasture Facility
  • Horse—Thoroughbred Racing Facility vs. Show Horse Facility
  • Poultry—Stacked Cage Housing System vs. Free-Range/Indoor Housing System
  • Swine—Barrow Finishing Facility vs. Gilting Breeding Facility
  • Team—Swine Facility vs. Dairy Facility


  • Dairy—Tie-Stall Facility vs. Stanchion/Free-Stall Facility
  • Horse—Quarter Horse Facility vs. Arabian Facility
  • Poultry—Fertile Egg Flock vs. Exhibition Flock
  • Swine—Gestation Stall Facilty vs. Group Pen Facility
  • Sheep—Suffolk/Hampshire Facility vs. Suffolk/Dorset Facility
  • Team—Beef: from Farm to Slaughter


  • Dairy—Free-Stall Facility vs. Tie-Stall Facility
  • Horse vs. Beef—Broodmare Facility vs. Cow-Calf Facility
  • Swine—Weaning Protocols
  • Sheep—Commercial Flock vs. Breeding Flock
  • Team—Broiler Birds: from Farm to Slaughter


  • Horse—Two Breeding Farms
  • Veal—Special Fed Facility vs. Formula Fed Facility
  • Comparison of Four Tail Docking Scenarios (2 Sheep and 2 Dairy Cattle)
  • Team—Swine Farm at Purdue


  • Beef—Comparison of Two Slaughter Facilities
  • Swine—Sow Gestation Housing
  • Duck—Pekin Facility vs. Meat-Type Facility
  • Team—Dairy: Consulting to Join Accredited Welfare Labeling Scheme


  • Beef—Comparison of Two Calf Weaning and Rearing Facilities
  • Rabbit—Laboratory Facility vs. Fancier Facility
  • Goats—Comparison of Two Dairy Goat Facilities
  • Team—Horse Farm at MSU


  • Swine—Stall Housing Facility vs. Hoop Housing Facility
  • Aquaculture—Open Net Pens for Salmon vs. Land-Based Raceways for Trout
  • Canine—Siberian Huskies: Working vs. Show Dogs
  • Team—Livestock Auction Facility
  • Results


  • Dairy—Free-Stall Facility vs. Pasture Facility
  • Horses—Comparison of Two Prezwalski Reintroduction Facilities
  • Cat—Research Breeding vs. Breeding Kennel vs. House Pet
  • Team—Poultry Facility at MSU
  • Results


  • Goats—Comparison of Two Meat Goat Facilities
  • Deer—Comparison of Two White-Tailed Deer Facilities
  • Rodent—Comparison of Two Laboratory Rat Research Colonies
  • Team—Sheep Facility at MSU
  • Results


  • Giraffes: Welfare of Giraffes in a Zoo
  • Meat Birds: Welfare of Broiler Birds from Hatch to Slaughter
  • Working Dogs: welfare of police and guide dogs
  • Beef Cattle: Welfare of Cattle in a Covered Feedlot
  • Results


  • Farrowing Pigs
  • Horses
  • Caged Birds: Parakeets
  • Team—Dairy Cattle
  • Results