Acceptable Agricultural Science Courses

The following list states acceptable courses under the definition of "agricultural science". The list was updated for the 2019-2020 calendar year.

Note that if there is no specific course listed, any 3000 or 4000 level course in that subject is acceptable.

This list may contain courses that no longer exist. Please refer to the current undergraduate calendar for the most recent listing of course offerings. 




EDRD*3050 Agricultural Communications

EDRD*3140 Organizational Communication

EDRD*3160 International Communication

EDRD*3400 Sustainable Communities

EDRD*3450 Watershed Planning Practice

EDRD*4020 Rural Extension in Change and Development

EDRD*4120 Leadership Development in Small Organizations

ENVS*3180 Sedimentary Environments

ENVS*3010 Climate Change Biology

ENVS*3020 Pesticides and the Environment

ENVS*3040 Natural Chemicals in the Environment

ENVS*3060 Groundwater

ENVS*3190 Environmental Water Chemistry

ENVS*3080 Soil and Water Conservation

ENVS*3090 Insect Diversity and Biology

ENVS*3140 Management of Turfgrass Diseases

ENVS*3210 Plant Pathology

ENVS*3220 Terrestrial Chemistry

ENVS*3230 Agroforestry Systems

ENVS*3260 Field Methods in Geosciences

ENVS*3310 Soil Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function

ENVS*4070 Pollinator Conservation

ENVS*4090 Soil Management

ENVS*4100 Integrated Management of Invasive Insect Pests

ENVS*4160 Soil and Nutrient Management

ENVS*4180 Insecticide Biological Activity and Resistance

ENVS*4190 Biological Activity of Herbicides

ENVS*4370 Environmental Organic Chemistry

ENVS*4390 Soil Variability and Land Evaluation

EQN*3050 Equine Exercise Physiology (now EQN 3250)

EQN*4020 Advanced Equine Nutrition

FARE*3030 The Firm and Markets

FARE*3170 Cost-Benefit Analysis

FARE*4000 Agricultural and Food Policy

FARE*4210 World Agriculture, Food Security and Economic Development

FARE*4220 Advanced Agribusiness Management

FARE*4240 Futures and Options Markets

FARE*4290 Land Economics

FARE*4360 Marketing Research

FARE*4370 Food and Agri Marketing Management

FARE*4500 Decision Science

FARE*4550 Independent Studies I

FARE*4560 Independent Studies II

FOOD*4110 Meat and Poultry Processing

FOOD*4400 Dairy Processing

FOOD*4520 Utilization of Cereal Grains for Human Food


MBG*3060 Quantitative Genetics

MBG*3100 Plant Genetics

MBG*4030 Animal Breeding, Methods and Applications

MBG*4160 Plant Breeding

MICR*3220 Plant Microbiology


PBIO*3110 Crop Physiology

PBIO*3750 Plant Tissue Culture

PBIO*4000 Molecular and Cellular Aspect of Plant-Microbe Interactions

PBIO*4070 Biological and Cultural Control of Plant Diseases

PBIO*4150 Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant Development

PBIO*4530 Plants and Environmental Pollution

PBIO*4750 Genetic Engineering of Plants

POPM*3240 Epidemiology

POPM*4040 Epidemiology of Food-borne Diseases

POPM*4230 Animal Health