Welcome to the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare, where we have been promoting the welfare of animals through research, education and outreach for over 30 years. With 11 core faculty, and upwards of 50 research associates who collectively advise nearly 60 graduate students at any given time, we continually contribute to the body of knowledge on improving animal welfare.


  • On a mid-spring afternoon in the late 1960’s, a young Tina Widowski stood watching the infamous Ziggy, a former circus elephant who lived at the Brookfield Zoo in the outskirts of Chicago, where she grew up.  It was the beginning of a life-long journey into a career that would bring Tina to the University of Guelph, leading the world-class Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare. To learn her success story, read on...

  • Students have been saying great things! “This was one of my favorite rotations. The opportunity to have such great, in depth discussions about the real issues in the industry with experts (the professors) was so valuable. It really reaffirmed my commitment to wanting to keep pushing for change & not just accept the status quo. A lot of the topics, videos and visits were really tough, but it was very thought provoking.” 

  • Training leaders of the future, research toward less stress-reactive chickens and less costly mink housing, and contributing to NFACC Codes of Practice are among the highlights in this interview.