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15th International Equitation Science Conference

Put the dates of August 19-21, 2019 into your calendar for the 15th Annual Equitation Science Conference being held at The University of Guelph!

Are we smart enough to know how smart pigs are? Implications for daily practice!

Join us for a seminar by Dr. Kees Scheepens, Founder & Owner of international veterinary consultancy and creator of "Pig Signals". As the most intelligent farm animal, the pig is able to adapt to many different environments and treatments. Producing high quality pork nowadays also encompasses taking into account their intrinsical behavioural needs. Practical examples of ways to promote the expression of natural behaviour and suppress occurring damaging behaviour are given.

Disbudding dairy calves: science from the academy to the farm

Cassandra Tucker is a professor of Animal Science at UC Davis and the director for the Center for Animal Welfare. She has a PhD from the University of British Columbia and has lived and worked in Canada, New Zealand, Denmark and now the US. She uses animal behavior to gain insight into how cattle perceive their world. This information informs best management practices and housing design.

Cat welfare during handling and restraint

Carly Moody is a recent PhD (Epidemiology) graduate from the Department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College. Her PhD research focused on developing and validating methodologies to assess negative cat responses during restraint, then using these validated methodologies to examine cat responses to two contentious restraint methods: scruffing and clips. In February 2019 Carly will start a postdoctoral position with Charles River Laboratories in Montreal, Quebec. 

CCSAW Seminar: From evidence to practice: Mitigating disbudding pain in calves (watch live!)

Dr. Charlotte Winder is Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Medicine at the University of Guelph. Her research focuses on improving the health and welfare of ruminant species through primary research, knowledge synthesis, and knowledge translation.  She will be discussing work in the area of pain control for calf disbudding as it pertains to the knowledge-to-action cycle.

CCSAW Seminar: Targeting problems in laboratory mouse welfare and biomedical animal model validity

For this CCSAW Animal Behaviour and Welfare Seminar, Jamie Ahloy Dallaire will speak about: Targeting problems in laboratory mouse welfare and biomedical animal model validity.  Dr. Ahloy Dallaire is Assistant Professor of livestock behaviour and welfare in the Department of Animal Science at Université Laval in Quebec City. During his postdoc in the Department of Comparative Medicine at Stanford University, he worked toward improving both laboratory animal welfare and the validity of biomedical animal research.

OVC Animal Welfare Forum

The OVC Animal Welfare Forum is an annual event put on by the OVC Animal Welfare Club. The forum is an educational event where speakers come to discuss their particular areas of expertise related to the well-being of animals.

Tickling rats for improved welfare: reviewing research & determining dosage

Megan LaFollette (B.S., M.S.) presents Tickling rats for improved welfare: reviewing research & determining dosage.  LaFollette is a Ph.D. candidate in Animal Behavior & Welfare in the Animal Sciences Department at Purdue University. Her research focuses at the intersection of animal welfare & human-animal interaction with a current focus on rat tickling. Megan is co-advised by Dr. Brianna Gaskill and Dr. Marguerite O’Haire. Their work in this field has led to 5 peer-reviewed publications on rat tickling, numerous presentations, and several hand-on workshops.

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