Daniel Rothschild

M.Sc. (Thesis) student

Daniel is a Research Assistant in Dr. Stephanie Torrey's lab.

Daniel completed his M.Sc. with Dr. Stephanie Torrey.  Working as a team with Midian Nascimento and Zhenzhen Liu, he aimed to determine if there are differences in health, behaviour and welfare between slow-growing broilers and fast-growing broilers. Broilers are chickens that are raised for meat production. Fast-growing broilers have been selected to grow and develop breast muscle at an extremely fast rate, denying other biological systems and cells proper nutrition and development, resulting in numerous health issues. One example of a health concern is tibial dyschondroplasia, a condition that affects the growth of bone and cartilage due to their accelerated growth rates. This condition may result in lameness, which is a major welfare concern. They used cameras to monitor walking, playing, and social behaviour, following broilers from incubation to slaughter. After slaughter, they examined blood samples, x-rays and conducted post-mortem examinations to determine health status, as well as, meat quality. 

Daniel I completed his undergraduate degree in animal biology with a minor in zoology. During his undergraduate degree, he worked as a research assistant in Dr. Tina Widowski’s poultry behaviour and welfare lab. During his assistantship, Daniel gained a passion for research in behaviour and welfare and knew that he wanted to pursue a degree in this field.