Dorothy Litwin


Dorothy has had an interest in companion animal behaviour ever since she can remember. As a young girl growing up in Poland she brought home every stray animal she came across, created insect and gastropod habitats, trained mice to use a maze and trained her first dog at the tender age of 9. Following her life-long passion, she left her job as an Account Manger in 2007 and proceeded to complete a BA in Psychology with a focus on Animal Behaviour at York University. Dorothy is now working toward her MSc; her research project is looking at how exposing kittens to specific handling and socialization procedures will affect their behaviour during veterinary exams later in life. Complementary to her degree, Dorothy also owns and operates a companion animal behaviour consulting practice, helping pet owners deal with behavioural issues such as house-soiling, animal/animal aggression, separation anxiety, and other common problems that affect the relationship between companion animals and their owners.