Graduate Programs

Graduate Training

At the graduate level, students have the option of completing a thesis-based M.Sc., a course-based M.Sc., a Ph.D. or a DVSc., with a specialty in animal welfare. Graduate students entering the animal welfare program typically have a background in animal science, animal biology, zoology, psychology, or veterinary medicine. 

Graduate students become part of our Animal Behaviour and Welfare (ABW) group, a large group of faculty, students and staff who support one another via weekly meetings, and who have the opportunity to meet with visiting scientists and participate in symposia and conferences.

If you are interested in applying to a graduate program at the University of Guelph, minimum requirements for admission to graduate studies as well as application deadlines can be found on the Graduate Program Services Webpage.  If interested in a thesis-based M.Sc. or Ph.D., visit the Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Webpage.  You are strongly advised to contact the faculty member whose work most closely aligns with your interests to learn if they are accepting new students.  Occasionally, faculty post available graduate student positions.

Specific information on the course-based M.Sc. program curriculum can be found in the M.Sc. by coursework program flyer. For more info, please review these Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Core Faculty and the programs they support are listed below, by department.  Our Associated Faculty span the University of Guelph across a variety of colleges.



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