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Dean's Office Mail

Office of the Dean
College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
Room 111, Macdonald Institute
University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, ON N1G 2W1

Visiting the Dean's Office

Room 111, Macdonald Institute
68 MacDonald Street
Guelph, ON N1G 1Y1

Phone: 519-824-4120, ext. 56753

Fax: 519-766-4797

College Contacts

Uwa Idemudia
Email: csahsdean@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 52400

Tania Archbold
Administrative Officer
Email: tarchbol@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 56754

Eve Lampert
Administrative Assistant to the Deans
Email: csahs@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 56753

Katherine Ferus
Associate Director, Finance & Operations
Email: kferus@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 52401

Abii Barrett
Inclusion Advisor
Email: abarre05@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 52965

Julie Duffield
Awards and Special Events Specialist
Email: jduffiel@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 56098

Paula Barata
Associate Dean, Academic
Email: csahsada@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 54485

Gemma Victor
Manager, Academic Programs & Special Projects
Email: gvictor@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 56808

Sarah Cahill
Associate Director, Graduate Studies, Strategic Planning, & Program Innovation
Email: cahills@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 54704

Shauna Porter
Assistant Manager, Graduate Operations, CSAHS
Graduate Program Assistant, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition (MSc and PhD)
Email: fran.graduate@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 53968

Heather Douglas
Graduate Program Assistant, Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy; International Development Studies
Email: ccjpgrad@uoguelph.ca | ids@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 54217

Julie Duffield
Graduate Program Assistant, Geography, Environment and Geomatics
Email: geograd@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 56721

Marita Liebregt
Graduate Program Assistant, Psychology
Email: psycgpa@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 53519

Duska Males
Graduate Program Specialist, Course-based Master's Programs
Email: dmales@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 53508

Renee Tavascia
Graduate Program Assistant, Political Science, Sociology, and Public Issues Anthropology
Email: pols.graduate@uoguelph.ca | soangrad@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 56973

Faythe Van Esch
Graduate Program Assistant, Social Practice and Transformational Change
Email: sopr@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 56720

Francesco Leri
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Email: fleri@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 58264

Carina Lang
Manager, Research Development
Email: carinal@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 54596

Nana Baidoo
Research and Graduate Studies Information Coordinator
Email: nbaidoo@uoguelph.ca

Cristina Coates
Manager, Alumni Advancement
Email: ccoate02@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 52965

How to Get IT Assistance From the Team

Gordon McCague
Senior Manager, IT Shared Services
College of Social and Applied Human Sciences & Gordon S. Lang School of Business
Email: gmccague@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 54926

Heather Bogart
IT Support
Email: hbogart@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 58780

Lane D Buryta
IT Support
Email: ldburyta@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 52539

Janice Hicks
IT Support
Email: janice.hicks@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 53541

Gihan Sooriyabandara
IT Support
Email: gsooriya@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 53018

Susanne Cooper
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Email: susanne.cooper@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 53128

Morgan Rees
Digital Communications Coordinator
Email: reesm@uoguelph.ca
Extension: 54060