Learning Enhancement Fund (LEF)

Funded Projects

Learning Enhancement Fund 2009

An integrated curriculum for mathematics and the physical sciences
Daniel Ashlock
Award - $100,000

It is proposed to develop a first year curriculum that integrates the teaching of chemistry, mathematics, and physics including elements of computer science and statistics.  Integration of these topics enhances student retention, student mastery of skills, and resolves interdepartmental topic sequencing issues across the curriculum.  The curriculum will teach across five disciplines; develop active web content for instruction, review, and self-study; incorporate tutorials to compensate for changes in high school instruction; and yield portable demonstrations and web materials that are also usable for recruiting.  An all-CPES team will develop this curriculum.  


Bringing biology to life:  re-inventing the foundational biology experience at University of Guelph
Brian Husband
Award - $25,000

Biology in first year is a foundational subject for 41% of all entering students on campus and a portal to discovery in 36 different biology majors. The College of Biological Science proposes to transform this experience with a network of integrated, hybrid-style, problem-driven courses that will foster learning within and among three complementary areas: Human Health, Biodiversity, Molecular and Cellular Biology. Using multiple learning modes (small group, lecture, online-assisted activities) and shared small group tutorials, the network will emphasize: orientation to university learning, opportunities for problem solving and active learning, and attention to contemporary skills of biological inquiry. Genuine problems in biology will serve as the backbone around which students develop and apply skills of inquiry and, in the process, build an understanding of broad concepts in biology.


Transition and engagement:  A foundation year of business education
David Prescott
Award - $25,000

This proposal outlines a radically new approach to the first year of the B.Comm. degree program at the University of Guleph.  Its primary objectives are:  (a) to facilitate the transition from high school to university education (b) dramatically increase student interest and engagement in business studies (c) improve first year academic achievement (d) promote learning outcomes typically associated with senior undergraduate courses such as written and oral communication skills, leadership and teamwork (e) promote an awareness of the full range of business organisations and their relevance to the social and economic problems of Canada and the world (f) assist students to make informed choices regarding their future area of specialization within the B.Comm. degree program (g) provide a solid academic foundation for subsequent studies. 


University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1