Learning Enhancement Fund (LEF)

Funded Projects

Learning Enhancement Fund 2010

Rethinking the HIST*1250 experience in the context of global awareness and a diverse classroom
Tara Abraham and Sofie Lachapelle

HIST*1250 Science and Society Since 1500 needs to be re-envisioned in light of the relevance of science and technology within the contexts of globalism and internationalism, the culturally specific ways that science and technology have developed historically, and the remarkable diversity of the HIST*1250 classroom, which typically includes students from science and engineering as well as students from the humanities and social sciences.  The project will develop new strategies for structuring and delivering the course to meet new pedagogical aims, and will generate a framework that is adaptable for all future instructors of HIST*1250.


Integrating internationalism into AGR#2400 “Economics of the Canadian food system”
John Cranfield
Award - $26,600

One cannot study food and agriculture without understanding how they are situated in a global context.  At the same time, a complete understanding of international development cannot be achieved without understanding the role of food and agriculture.  Indeed, the links between food and agriculture and international development and a global perspective are critical to appreciating the issues faced by many in the world today.  The proposed work aims to develop new delivery modalities that enhances the exposure of University of Guelph students to the global agrifood system and positions internationalism within AGR*2400 (Economics of the Canadian Agrifood System).


Enhancing Belgium partnership to increase student exchange
Gabriel Gauthier (in collaboration with the Centre for International Programs)
Award - $10,000

The Campus d'Alfred-Université de Guelph, in collaboration with the Centre for International Programs, has been awarded funding to translate into French our pre-departure material titled "Ready, Set, Go." This translated document will enable francophone students who attend the College d'Alfred to take part in international exchange opportunities including, in particular, the exchange available at the Haute École Provinciale de Hainaut - Condorcet in Ath, Belgium.


Teaching and learning communication process
Helen Hambly Odame
Award - $25,000

Communication studies involving dyadic and group processes for rural community and international development have been part of the undergraduate curricula offered at UoG for 45 years. Our courses recognize that cross-cultural and international issues underlie information, communication and media for equitable and environmentally-sound development in today’s world. We propose to a) expand enrollment of international open learning students in these courses; 2) strengthen existing partnerships with international faculty in teaching and value-adding to these DE courses; and 3) stimulate international networking that sustains new content and learning processes.


International teaching assistant peer mentorship program
Natasha Kenny, Barbara Christian
Award - $35,000

Although many international students excel in their role as teaching assistants, the cultural and pedagogical contexts within the Canadian classroom can vary substantially from that of their home country.  ITAs often face external pressure to improve their communication and teaching skills, but seldom have access to the necessary programs, resources and on-going support to meet the demands of a departmental teaching assistantship. The goal of this project is to develop and implement a peer mentorship program for International Teaching Assistants at the University of Guelph.  The program will represent a collaborative partnership between TSS and the Library’s Learning and Curriculum Support team.


Development of an international travel course in the Agriculture Diploma Program, based on an experiential learning model
John Zandstra
Award - $5,000

Presently, there are limited opportunities for students in the Agriculture Diploma program at Ridgetown Campus to be directly exposed to international issues.  Given that increasing internationalism and global awareness are some of the University’s pedagogical goals, we plan to develop an experiential learning-based course which includes a 1 week study tour to the US mid-west.  Destinations include agri-business, primary producers, supporting industries and market facilities which have an influence on or compete with Ontario agriculture. 


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