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December 19, 2000

S@GE camp receives NSERC grant

The University of Guelph's popular science and engineering camp, S@GE, now in its third year and co-sponsored by the Office of Open Learning, Hospitality Services and Student Housing Services, has received a $27,500 grant from the federal Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

The grant will be allocated over three years and be used to develop new learning modules that incorporate all aspects of science and engineering. The plan is to rotate the modules so that each year, S@GE offers students a new educational experience. "This award is an affirmation of the quality of the program and a clear indication of how important these programs are to funding agencies," said Virginia Gray, director of open learning. S@GE is also sponsored in part by Hewlett Packard, which donated computer workstations.

Already, there will be some differences at this year's camp. "S@GE's focus is on science and engineering, but this year, we will also include programs designed by faculty in the College of Arts and College of Social and Applied Human Sciences that complement and enhance our themes," said Gillian Joseph, program development co-rdinator for the Office of Open Learning, which works with faculty on the development of the S@GE learning modules.

Campers will select one of two "streams" to focus on during their stay at Guelph. One stream will explore science, astronomy, food science, physics and geography. The second will focus on computers and the environment, engineering, nutrition and health and optics. Now, in addition to the traditional science and engineering program, students will be allowed to choose electives that include the science of music, the history of science, science fiction writing and photography.

"These new modules create a more holistic study of science this year by providing experiences that make learning about science even more interesting and fun," Joseph said.

Nearly 1,000 Grade 7 and 8 students attend S@GE camp each year. Students register as a school class, staying in residence with their teachers and chaperones and experiencing interactive learning using university computer and laboratory facilities. Registration has already begun for the 11 sessions that run May 7 to June 13, 2001. U of G graduate students help teach the modules and also provide direction and supervision during recreational activities and meals.

"One of the things that makes S@GE unique is that we don't outsource for our curriculum," Joseph said. "It's our own faculty that develop the modules, so it is much more like the real experience of going to university."

For additional information on S@GE, contact the Office of Open Learning at (519) 767-5000 or register with Conference Services at (519) 824-4120, Ext. 2353.

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