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January 21, 2003

Changes to U of G recycling system

There will be changes made to the recycling system around campus in the next few months as the community prepares to meet the requirements of the City of Guelph's new equipment.

Beginning in April 2003, the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at the Wet-Dry Recycling Centre will be undergoing major modifications. During this time, all recyclable waste currently processed by the MRF, including U of G's recyclable material, will be diverted to an alternate sorting plant.

This alternate location will have minimum tolerance levels for contamination. Once the modifications are completed in August 2003, Guelph's MRF will also be unable to tolerate any contamination. More importantly, due to the urgent need to improve on the current quality of recyclables being received at the MRF, the city has set a deadline of Feb 1 for private waste haulers to upgrade their systems. The transition period will be critical, as loads will be tested and monitored for quality as more and more university areas are brought on line to the new system.

Acceptable items for recycling on campus will be limited to cans, bottles, glass, cardboard, boxboard, newspaper, writing paper, computer paper, envelopes, magazines and flyers. All other material will be considered garbage. In particular, the following items will be considered garbage: Styrofoam, paper towels, tissues/Kleenex, disposable dishware, plastic bags, snack wrappers, plastic wrap, waxed paper, paper cups (coffee, pop), milk cartons and Tetra Paks. To ensure clean, high-quality recyclables, any contaminated recycling bags or containers (e.g., containing black bags or garbage items) will be disposed of in the black garbage dumpsters.

To avoid contaminating the recycling containers, be sure to dispose of any contaminated material in the garbage containers.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the University of Guelph recycling and waste management coordinator, Gillian Maurice,; 824-4120, Ext. 58129 or 58178.

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