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January 21, 2004

U of G remains popular choice among high school students, stats show

The University of Guelph continues to be a popular choice among the province’s secondary students seeking admission to university, according to figures released today by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

The January “snapshot” of applications to universities across Ontario shows that U of G received some 25,284 applications from prospective students, more than 3,000 of those from students interested in the University of Guelph-Humber.

“This is great news for the University of Guelph,” said Jill McCutcheon, acting associate vice-president (academic). “We have been planning very carefully for enrolment growth over a number of years, and we expected to receive about 25,000 applications for 2004.”

U of G plans to have a first-year class of about 3,750 students on its main campus in fall 2004 and some 700 first-year students at Guelph-Humber.

Making comparisons between the number of applications this year and in 2003 is inappropriate and would be misleading, McCutcheon said. “In 2003, the numbers were inflated because most of the students who were part of the double cohort applied for university admission last year,” she said.

McCutcheon added that while the “snapshot” projections released by OUAC are helpful, it’s important to remember that students may send applications to more than one university.

“That is why the best indicator of student interest is the number of first-, second- and third-choice applications,” she said. This year, U of G received a total of 14,218 first-, second- and third-choice applications.

Historically, about 20 per cent of students who apply to U of G and are offered admission end up registering. “The quality of our applicant pool is always incredibly strong,” McCutcheon said. “It’s very rewarding to have so many motivated students interested in pursuing the excellent opportunities and programs that we have at Guelph.”

U of G will begin making offers to students who have an average of 85 in April and will send out the rest of its admission offers starting in May.

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