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Learn to put together the living pieces in the puzzle of the natural world. As an ecologist, you will investigate the relationship between organisms and their environment. The understanding of ecosystems that you will develop in this major will assist you in resolving the conflicts that arise from the interaction between the human population and our common heritage of oceans, forests, tundra, grasslands and wildlife.

This program is offered and administered by the Department of Integrative Biology within the College of Biological Science.

Sample First Year Courses

Semester 1

  • Discovering Biodiversity
  • General Chemistry I
  • Introduction to Environmental Sciences
  • Elements of Calculus I

Semester 2

  • Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • General Chemistry II
  • Intro to Environmental Economics, Law & Policy
  • Introduction to the Biophysical Environment

Full course descriptions and a listing of second, third and fourth year courses, can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar here

Life as an Ecology Student

Sometimes the best way to learn about a program is through meeting a current student. Read about student experiences through the following student profiles:

Career Opportunities

  • Habitat conservation and restoration consultant
  • Environmental protection agent
  • Scientific writer/editor
  • Park planner
  • Conservation ecologist


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