Food Animal Health Management

The OVC has a long-standing record of excellence in food animal health management research. These efforts are led by a strong team of internationally recognized experts in the areas of dairy, beef, swine, small ruminant and poultry health management.

Projects range from clinical trials to large scale epidemiological investigations carried out at research stations and commercial farms. Unique skills are applied to answer questions involving infectious and metabolic disease, reproduction, and animal welfare.

Collaborations at the local, national and international levels make the program successful. Researchers work with primary producers, veterinary practitioners, commodity group organizations, key service providers and research scientists. Agricultural partners help fund research programs and create a focus on research that is practical to producers and veterinarians.

A strength of the research programs lies in the outstanding group of graduate students who fuel research efforts. These students are enrolled in MSc, PhD and DVSc programs and represent a tremendous mix of domestic and international DVM and non-DVM students. This program helps mold these enthusiastic and talented young people into the next generation of researchers and agricultural industry leaders.



Dr. Jeff Caswell: Professor; Diplomate, ACVP


Dr. Todd Duffield: Professor

Dr. David Kelton: Professor Emeritus

Dr. Stephen LeBlanc: Dairy Farmers of Ontario Chair in Dairy Cattle Health; Professor

Dr. David Renaud: Assistant Professor

Dr. Charlotte Winder: Assistant Professor

Dr. Rita Couto Serrenho: Assistant Professor


Dr. Michele Guerin: Associate Professor

Small Ruminants

Dr. Cathy Bauman: Assistant Professor


Dr. Bob Friendship: Retired Faculty

Dr. Terri O'Sullivan: Associate Professor

Dr. Zvonimir Poljak: Associate Professor

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Dairy at Guelph

Ontario Swine

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