Livestock Research

This page categorizes OVC researchers according to the livestock animal species that they primarily study in their research programs.




Dr. Leonardo Susta: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVP


Dr. Jeff Caswell: Professor; Diplomate, ACVP

Dr. Jessica Gordon: Assistant Professor


Dr. Todd Duffield: Professor

Dr. David Kelton: Dairy Farmers of Ontario Chair in Dairy Cattle Health; Professor

Dr. Stephen LeBlanc: Professor

Dr. Bonnie Mallard: Professor

Dr. David Renaud: Assistant Professor

Dr. Charlotte Winder: Assistant Professor


Dr. Luis Arroyo: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVIM

Dr. Janet Beeler-Marfisi: Assistant Professor

Dr. Dorothee Bienzle: Professor

Dr. Tracey Chenier: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACT

Dr. Diego Gomez: Assistant Professor, Diplomate, ACVIM

Dr. Amy Greer: Canada Research Chair in Population Disease Modeling; Associate Professor

Dr. Joanne Hewson: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVIM

Dr. Thomas Koch: Associate Professor

Dr. Judith Koenig: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVS; Diplomate, ACVSMR

Dr. Chantale Pinard: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVO

Dr. Melissa Sinclair: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVA

Dr. Kelsey Spence: Assistant Professor

Dr. Donald Trout: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVS

Dr. Alex Valverde: Professor; Diplomate, ACVAA


Dr. John Barta: Professor

Dr. Michele Guerin: Associate Professor

Dr. Shayan Sharif: Professor

Dr. Leonardo Susta: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVP

Small Ruminants

Dr. Pawel Bartlewski: Associate Professor

Dr. Cathy Bauman: Assistant Professor

Dr. Andrew Peregrine: Associate Professor; Diplomate, EVCP; Diplomate, ACVM


Dr. Bob Friendship: Professor

Dr. Terri O'Sullivan: Associate Professor

Dr. Zvonimir Poljak: Associate Professor

Dr. Nicole Ricker: Assistant Professor


Dr. Katie Clow: Assistant Professor

Dr. Claire Jardine: Associate Professor

Dr. Jane Parmley: Associate Professor

Dr. Mauricio Seguel: Assistant Professor

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 Ontario Swine

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