U of G food truck opens for business

Gryph N' Grille food truck.Something’s cooking on four wheels at U of G. Sporting a flaming exterior and a “GryphN” wielding kitchen utensils, Gryph N’ Grille is the new campus food truck.

Operated by Hospitality Services, the food truck features a menu of locally sourced food prepared fresh on the truck. Since opening in September, Gryph N’ Grille has served about 350 customers per day.

Fuelling the food truck frenzy is its convenience and mobility, which caters to busy students, faculty and staff who want a quick bite to eat. Another driving force is lack of space on campus to build new food outlets, says Ed Townsley, assistant director, Food and Retail Services. “As far as I know, we’re the only Ontario school that has one,” he adds.

With its focus on local food and sustainability, the food truck recycles its cooking oil for biofuel, and uses energy-efficient appliances and biodegradable food containers.

The menu consists of 10 items, including burgers, fries and poutine that will rotate on a daily basis. The burgers are made from local beef and the honey in the sauces comes from the Honey Bee Research Centre on campus.

The only thing that’s not local is the truck itself, which was built by Venture Food Trucks, based in Napanee, Ont. Guelph graphic designer and U of G alumna Cai Sepulis, BA ’02, was commissioned to create the truck’s unique exterior.

Although the City of Guelph recently allowed food trucks on its streets, Gryph N’ Grille will stay on campus, and may also be used to cater special events on campus. The truck’s location is posted on Twitter at @GryphNGrille using the hashtag #GryphNEats.