Caring for injured Gryphon athletes on campus brought Helen Clark and Fred Dunbar together in the early 1970s. A nurse, Helen worked in the student health centre. Fred joined the University in 1969 as the Gryphons athletic trainer. Helen and Fred were married June 21, 1975. Pictured here with their wedding party before the Portico


College Royal square dance team

Call it a hat trick for these Mac ’64 and OAC ’64 students. Their grad year marked not just the establishment of the University of Guelph but also a College Royal win for their combined square dance team for the second year running. Writes team member Graeme Hedley: “We had a great time, and it

Time Capsule: 1984

1984 Gryphons Win Vanier

The Gryphons football squad was an underdog in Canadian university competition in 1984. But after winning the coveted Vanier Cup as the best varsity team in the country, the Red and Gold were thought of as a team of destiny. “We worked so hard that we couldn’t lose, even though we weren’t supposed to win,”

Time Capsule: 1968

U of G’s South Residence was considered state-of-the-art when it opened in 1968; it remains one of the largest student residence complexes in Canada. The complex is among campus buildings highlighted in “Brutalism at Guelph: Concrete in a new light,” an ongoing exhibit in the McLaughlin Library about U of G’s late-sixties building boom that

Time Capsule: 1903

Massey Hall 1903

Today it’s a nondescript, grassed-over stretch between Massey Hall (pictured above in 1910) and Winegard Walk. But for the first half of the 1900s, the campus water reservoir attracted passersby, and even swimmers and skaters. Measuring 100 by 60 feet and about 10 feet deep, the pool was installed in 1897 for a practical reason.

Time Capsule: 1970


With its limestone clock tower and the spacious green out front, Johnston Hall has been a consistent symbol of the University of Guelph since its opening in 1932 – at least on the outside. But inside, its corridors, rooms and spaces have changed and been rearranged over the years. The basement once housed a bar,

Time capsule: 2005

Students write exams at the University of Guelph in 2005.

Students write final exams in the main gym at the W.F. Mitchell Athletics Centre. Since the original gym opened in 1957, thousands of students have sat at long tables to write exams. In 2016, a new state-of-the-art athletics centre opened. Among its features are a student lounge, a climbing wall and an updated gym, which

Time capsule: 1980

The Keg Campus Pub at the University of Guelph in 1980

The University of Guelph’s campus pub, originally called The Keg, was established in 1974 and later became The Brass Taps. Operating from the second floor of the University Centre for 42 years, the pub holds many fond memories for alumni, from indulging in a Design-a-Wich (design-your-own sandwich) and delicious poutine and nachos supreme, to watching