Strategic renewal framework approved

The University of Guelph’s strategic renewal process was an eight-month project that invited people from inside and outside the University community, including alumni, to share their thoughts on U of G’s future. The goal was to create a concise document that is aspirational and visionary, and can guide the University’s planning in the years ahead.

A 35-member strategic renewal advisory committee reviewed conversations and input from more than 1,100 people to identify five intersecting themes that form the basis of the new strategic framework. Those themes include inspiring learning and inquiry; catalyzing discovery and change; connecting communities; stewarding valued resources; and nurturing a distinctive university culture. Each theme includes objectives and questions to support development of University plans.

The draft framework was presented to Senate in May and to the Board of Governors in June. After discussing the key points and how it will shape future decisions, both groups unanimously approved the document.

The framework will inform institutional planning and decision-making, including the University’s strategic mandate agreement with the provincial government; its strategic research plan that defines relationships with external funders; and new initiatives and programs.

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