We Asked, Thousands Of You Answered!

Survey says…

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our recent alumni survey, intended to help us learn how engaged you are in the life of the University, and to find out more about what you need from your alma mater. Once we’ve analyzed the results, we can shape our programs and target communications to suit you.

It didn’t surprise us to learn that we received almost 9,000 survey responses — or that our response rate was well above the average for Canadian universities. U of G grads are highly engaged! The highest response came from alumni 25-35 years old, but there was a good sample size across all age groups. Almost 80 per cent of respondents were from Ontario, with 22 per cent from the Guelph area. Our early look at the responses shows that alumni have a high level of connection with U of G.

We are encouraged by the responses and look forward to digging much deeper into the data and interpretations. Your feedback will help show us where we should focus our attention and where we need to improve. We will report back soon with full details on the survey results. We look forward to sharing ideas and plans on how to turn the data into programs and services that will benefit all U of G alumni.

Brandon Gorman, B.Comm. ’06

Jason Moreton, BA ’00
Associate Vice-President
Alumni Advancement