Caring students pitch in to help alumnus

Each day we hear stories that make us proud to belong to the University of Guelph family. Whether it is about a research project, a varsity championship, alumni achievements or a grassroots student initiative, pride in our institution is everywhere. We learned of an incredible story recently. A U of G alumnus, Bill, was involved in a car accident. During this terrible time, his wife had to think about Bill’s beloved flock of sheep. She had no idea how to care for them, and several ewes were pregnant. She contacted an OVC faculty member, who immediately rallied the troops. Students quickly organized a rotation schedule and outlined care duties on a massive whiteboard, and spots were filled immediately.

Initially, the family hoped Bill would recover, and it was a tremendous relief to have OVC students look after the sheep. Sadly, Bill passed away, and while it took some time to find a new, permanent home for the flock, the students continued their duties faithfully each day. The students were offered remuneration and gas money, but they politely refused, happy to pitch in when the family needed help.

Put simply, U of G has incredible people who care about others and do what they can to help. They jump into action, expecting nothing in return. This story is just one example of how students today are still as caring and connected as always. And that is something we can all be proud of.