Four days in April – 200 special deliveries


Gryphon Gifts Sticker

Imagine This…

You’re a student studying for exams in the campus library, and the stress is mounting. Then out of nowhere, someone delivers a gift right to you…just because.

Gryphon Gifts

Katrina Bell, a staff member in Alumni Affairs and Development (AAD), heard about an initiative elsewhere that gave students treats to help with exam stress, and she wanted to bring the idea to U of G. She and AAD staffer Kaitlyn Edwards pitched “Gryphon Gifts” to Gryphons Care, a staff and faculty group that helps fund community initiatives. They received funding from that group, as well as support from Student Health and Well-Being and Interhall Council.

200 Special Deliveries

As exams began this past April, Gryphon Gifts was promoted to students through social media channels with the help of campus partners. Volunteers set up shop in the University Centre and began taking requests from students via Instagram. And they delivered – literally! Over four days, the team responded to hundreds of student requests by ordering, picking up and dropping off everything from pizza and coffee to poutine and burgers.

The UGAA board was so impressed by this grassroots and heartfelt student wellness initiative that we plan to support Gryphon Gifts during April 2020 exams.

Become a Volunteer

To volunteer for Gryphon Gifts, please contact You may also make a gift to the University’s Highest Priority or the Mental Health and Well-Being Fund at

Please watch your email around Giving Tuesday (Dec. 3), as we will offer alumni a way to support students during the upcoming exam period.

Richard Horne, BA, President, UGAA, and proud U of G donor
Jason Moreton, BA, Associate Vice-President, Advancement, and proud U of G donor