Working with partners to protect drinking water

University of Guelph researchers are helping ensure safe, sustainable drinking water for Wellington County through groundwater studies funded by almost $11 million from federal and local governments and industry partners.

Fractured bedrock aquifers provide drinking water for more than one million people living in some of southern Ontario’s fastest-growing communities, including Guelph.

“The sustainability of groundwater as source water for communities ultimately depends on the quality and quantity of local groundwater,” says engineering professor Beth Parker, director of the U of G-based G360 Institute for Groundwater Research.

The project is supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Nestlé Waters Canada, the Town of Erin and local geophysical company Paterson Grant and Watson.

U of G also teamed up with the City of Guelph to become the first university in Ontario to develop a risk management plan to help protect local drinking water sources.