Call it a hat trick for these Mac ’64 and OAC ’64 students. Their grad year marked not just the establishment of the University of Guelph but also a College Royal win for their combined square dance team for the second year running.

Writes team member Graeme Hedley: “We had a great time, and it is always fun to win. After each win, we got to travel to Wingham to appear on CKNX TV.”


  • The provincial University of Guelph Act established the new institution.
  • Wellington College was created to offer degree programs in the arts and sciences.
  • Dr. John MacLachlan, a professor of botany, became U of G’s first president.
  • Dr. Hugh Branion, first head of the Department of Animal Nutrition, was named dean of U of G graduate studies.


  • The 18th Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo.
  • The U.S. Civil Rights Act was signed into law.
  • The Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan show as part of their North American tour.
  • American pilot Geraldine (“Jerrie”) Mock became the first woman to fly solo around the world.
  • Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) defeated Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight boxing championship.

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