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Our Time: Messages from the President and the Chair

Message from the president and vice-chancellor

Charlotte Yates, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guelph

The moment you set foot on a University of Guelph campus, you know you have found something special. As a community, we understand the uniqueness of our University that draws the curious, the ingenious and the inspirational to our institution.

This is the time to harness that uniqueness – the genius of U of G – and recognize our full potential to change the world for the better. This Is Our Time.

Your voice is what makes our strategic plan distinct, and your decisions, actions and passion are what will make it a reality.

During the consultation process for the strategic plan, you told us that U of G has what it takes to help solve the world’s problems. Starting now, we will act on our ambition to broaden our impact on a local, national and global scale.

You encouraged us to double down on our exceptional track record for enriched student learning and experience. When our students cross the stage at convocation, they will be fully equipped to make the world a better place.

You spoke up and said we must continue our push toward inclusive excellence and continue to celebrate the people and their contributions that set U of G apart.

And your voices encouraged us to recognize that in our disconnected world, U of G creates a special sense of place on our campuses and research stations. Our commitment to sustainability is both a point of pride and a necessity.

Our strategic plan encourages you to contribute your own perspective and specialized knowledge. As you read this plan, I encourage you to think how you will complete the statement:

This Is Our Time to…

A strategic plan charts a course for the future – our future. But it also draws on our existing strengths and competitive advantages. “Our Time” articulates our commitment to building on the best of our history while welcoming new ideas and continual evolution.

As president, I am committed to working with our community to ensure the success of this plan. Together, we will make great things happen.

My deepest thanks go to the members of the strategic advisory committee and every person who shared their thoughts and ideas during this process. That invaluable insight and honesty helped push us to create a plan that insists U of G be the very best it can be.

The future holds great things for the University of Guelph. We are inspired. We are ready. This Is Our Time.

Charlotte A.B. Yates
President and Vice-Chancellor

Message from the chair of the Board of Governors

Nancy Brown Andison, Chair, Board of Governors of the University of Guelph

As the world adjusts to new realities shaped by several tumultuous years, an exciting future lies before us. Through the disruptions of a global pandemic and the ever-present need to adapt, the University of Guelph has stayed true to its commitment to Improve Life. This is the time to embrace a bold, future-ready plan for the University of Guelph. This Is Our Time.

As chair of the Board of Governors and a proud U of G alumna, I am excited by the vision for our shared future that this plan describes. Its bold priorities and commitment to concrete, measurable results position the University of Guelph as a leader in Canadian higher education and research, with global impact. It builds on our traditional strengths and makes space to capitalize on emerging fields. It nurtures the campus culture that makes our institution unique while growing our renown and influence internationally. It lays the groundwork for excellence today and to extend our influence and leadership in the years ahead.

Our Time: The University of Guelph’s Strategic Plan (2022-27) is owned by each and every one of us. It was shaped by student, staff, faculty and partner voices from across and beyond the University. As we bring this plan to life, each member of our community has a role in its success. The Board of Governors fully endorses this plan and is committed to supporting the University in its successful implementation. The Board recognizes that building long-term financial sustainability will be essential in achieving this powerful vision.

U of G’s new strategic plan demonstrates the University’s commitment to integrity, transparency and accountability. By following our plan, we will remain grounded in reality while we dream bigger than ever before.

Together, we will make good on our commitments and step boldly into U of G’s bright future.

Nancy Brown Andison
Chair, Board of Governors
B.Sc. (Agr.) ’79