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Student Mental Health Report: Institutional Structure

The following recommendations encompass organizational factors and institutional activities including the establishment of policies, practices, and procedures that promote well-being.

For more details on these recommendations, read the full report.

Statuses: In-Progress, Completed, On-going.

1Receive a clear written endorsement from senior leadership for existing and revised U of G mental health frameworks. 
2Formally commit to student engagement to ensure their active participation in institutional well-being activities. Consider using co-design approaches to include community members in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all recommendations. 
3Adopt a Health in All Policies approach to integrate the health and well-being of the entire U of G population into policy review and development. 
4Develop a comprehensive communication strategy for student mental well-being and develop a centralized digital hub for all U of G wellness activities. 
5Utilize existing University data sources to develop a cohesive monitoring system and transparent progress reporting on student mental health and well-being. 
6Review policies on medical documentation to develop clear and consistent guidelines. 
7Provide the U of G Senate, Board of Governors, and campus community with an annual report on the state of student mental well-being to ensure ongoing awareness. 

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