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Strategic Plan

Strategy Advisory Committee


  • Troy Hourie, Assistant Professor, School of English & Theatre Studies (COA)
  • Andreas Heyland, Associate Professor, Integrative Biology (CBS)
  • Rozita Dara, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science (CEPS)
  • Sharada Srinivasan, Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology (CSAHS)
  • Getu Hailu, Professor, Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics, (OAC)
  • Tami Martino, Professor, Biomedical Sciences, (OVC)


  • Kathryn Hofer, Director (Student Experience)
  • Ilya Bogorad, Executive Director, Strategy & Planning (OVC)
  • Brett Shepherd, Director (Ridgetown Campus)
  • Jessica Bowes, Assistant Vice-President (Research Innovation & Knowledge Mobilization)


  • Justin Mihaly, Guelph-Humber (Student Senate Caucus co-chair)
  • Jehoshua Sharma, International Graduate Student, CBS
  • Bronte Detenbeck, CSAHS, BA

Board of Governors

  • Rich Appiah


  • Linda Adams

Resources to the Committee

  • Scott Hickey, Interim Chief of Staff (Office of the President)
  • Kim McCaughan, Executive Assistant (Office of the President)
  • Gen Gauthier-Chalifour, University Secretary (University Secretariat)
  • Dave Whittle, Associate Vice-President and Chief Information Officer (IT)
  • Chris Nutt, Director Human Resources (Staff Relations)
  • Melissa Jutzi, Director Human Resources (Total Compensation)