Chemical Physics Major

Chemical Physics (CHPY)

Admission Requirements

Have the Best of Both Worlds

 Join An Interdisciplinary Field of Growth

Foster a broad skillset through subjects in analytical chemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics and apply computational methods to study matter.

 Learn From the Experts

You will have access to some of the world's most respected scientists and researchers in a high-tech setting, and to a wide variety of possible careers in industry, government or academia.

 Gain Hands-on Experience

Acquire exceptional practical skills through labs, while having the opportunity to complete a research component with a faculty member in either chemistry or physics.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Chemical Physics?

Majoring in Chemical Physics empowers graduates to enjoy challenging careers in academic research, regulatory work, research and development or in related business fields. Our chemical physics program provides you with a degree that is truly interdisciplinary, and hands-on ensuring that upon graduation you have acquired an expertise and proficiency in great demand by employers.

Here are just a few careers our graduates have successfully pursued:

  • Physician
  • Medical safety officer
  • Forensic scientist
  • Clinical biochemist
  • Chemical physicist
  • Quality assurance operations

Why Chemical Physics?

The chemical physics program allows you to expand the knowledge of materials science and quantum mechanics of molecules. There is an emphasis on laboratory work and recognition of the links between the two disciplines such as the use of X-ray diffraction to determine molecular structure. By studying atomic chemistry and physical techniques, you will be effectively able to conduct research, contribute and assess scientific literature and gather data for analysis in various fields.

Students in the CHPY program may also be interested in studying Biochemistry, Biological and Pharmaceutical ChemistryChemistry, Physical Science, Physics, or other majors.

CHPY Course Calendar

Gain Valuable Experience Through Co-op

Chemical Physics co-op is a five-year program, which includes five work terms. This co-op prepares students for their work terms by helping them develop professional attitudes and skills expected in the workplace as well as helping to build a toolkit of resume and cover letter writing as well as interview skills. 

CHPY Co-op Calendar


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