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Physics Major


Admission Requirements

The Forces That Shape the Universe

 Expand Your Career Possibilities

Our curriculum will provide you with skills needed to work in fields such as medical physics, astronomy, nanotechnology, sound engineering, academia, and others.

 Gain Specialized Physics Lab Experience

With an emphasis on hands-on lab work, the physics major covers the fundamentals of mechanics, electromagnetism, and quantum physics, grounding students in foundational physics while preparing you for more specialized study in upper years.

 Learn From Physics Experts

The major builds upon nationally recognized expertise in teaching and research, with many of our Physics faculty members having received both national and international awards and collaborated with off-campus research institutions including; CSA/NASA, the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Canadian Light Source.

Why Physics?

Study the basic building blocks of matter and how the four fundamental forces of nature explain the universe. You will use computer technology and practical applications beginning in first year. From subatomic interaction to the galactic events in space, Physics at the University of Guelph helps make sense of it all.

Students in the Physics (PHYS) major at the University of Guelph might also be interested in studying Biological and Medical Physics, Chemical Physics, Nanoscience, Physical Science, Theoretical Physics, or other majors.

What You Will Learn

Semester 1 (*Choose One)
  • General Chemistry I
  • Programming
  • Integrated Mathematics and Physics I
  • *Discovering Biodiversity
  • *Biological Concepts of Health
  • *Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
Semester 2 (*Choose One)
  • General Chemistry II
  • Integrated Mathematics and Physics II
  • Linear Algebra I
  • *Discovering Biodiversity
  • *Biological Concepts of Health
  • *Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology

Semester 3
  • Advanced Calculus I
  • Applied Differential Equations
  • Thermal Physics
  • Electricity and Magnetism I
Semester 4
  • Experimental Techniques in Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Electricity and Magnetism II

Semester 5
  • Science Communication
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Quantum Mechanics I
  • Advanced Mechanics
Semester 6
  • Computational Methods in Materials Science
  • Optics: Fundamentals and Applications
  • Intermediate Laboratory
  • Quantum Mechanics II
  • Complex Analysis

Semester 7
  • Advanced Physics Laboratory
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Theory
  • Statistical Physics II
  • Research in Physics
Semester 8
  • Research in Physics

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Gain Valuable Experience Through Co-op

The co-op program in Physics is a five-year program, including five work terms. This co-op prepares you for work terms by helping you develop professional attitudes and skills expected in the workplace as well as helping to build a toolkit of resume and cover letter writing as well as interview skills.

Learn more about the Physics co-op


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